Would you live for your children?

The minute my first daughter was born, I felt like my heart doubled in size. Awe, a heavy weight of responsibility and so much love all mixed together. The transition from woman to mum was almost violent. Its intensity surprised me no matter how prepared I thought I was for it. It is an event that we don’t really talk about, and not only because it’s ‘all about the baby’- it’s just one more hugely important thing that us women are supposed to go through, automatically come to terms with and never really question (such as starting to menstruate, witnessing our changing bodies in puberty, etc.).

For one minute to the next, we are, forever, our children’s mothers. An unbreakable, undoubted link.

People say all the time ‘I’d die for my children. Okay, but would you live for them!?’

(I wish this quote was mine but it isn’t! (credit to Dr. Cheryl Kam). A friend shared it with me today, saying it made her think of me and my mission to help struggling mums).

There is no doubt: we would do anything for our children. But our children don’t need us to die for them. They need us to live for them. And I mean really live. They need us to take care of ourselves, to set boundaries, to be happy and live a fulfilling life. They don’t need a mother so depleted that she is a shadow of herself. They want you to be you. In fact, they need you to be you.

If you ever feel that putting yourself first is selfish (don’t we all?), think about what it is that your children truly need. You see, it’s not just about you. Even here, it is about them.

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