Where self-care really starts from

“I should do more self-care but really, what mum has time for it?”⁠

Self-care has become such a loaded word. Most people associate it with bubblebaths, meditation, yoga, etc. ⁠

Let’s be realistic. ⁠

These are all wonderful activities but any such activity takes time, and time is not something you have tons of if you have a toddler running around the house and you’re juggling work and family life (🤣=me when I think of all the things I did before having my daughter)⁠

There’s another level of self-care. It’s about setting boundaries and speaking up. Saying no or taking short breaks without guilt. Wearing something pretty just because. Asking for help. ⁠

These things don’t take time. But many moms aren’t doing them either-and who would blame them? It is SO easy to forget these things in the first few years of motherhood. ⁠

As you can see, it’s not really a question of time: it’s a question of prioritizing your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being just as much as your physical condition. ⁠

Motherhood is so much about adapting. We can’t add more hours to the day, so how do we approach each moment in a way that serves us? ⁠


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