The day after a bad night’s sleep

Toddler sick? Baby teething? Or maybe there’s no child at home to wake you up, but you had a rough night for whatever reason. We’ve all been there: the morning is here and you still have to go about the day as if you had the zzzz you so desperately need to go through the day. You’re wondering how many cups of coffee you’ll need and you look for carb-loaded treats to get your energy from.
Here’s the thing: coffee and sugar might give you a temporary boost but then you will crash and feel even worse (and that’s when the next coffee comes in, and the next, and the next….)
I have nothing against coffee as such, but it is not a substitute for a meal and shouldn’t be used this way.
Instead try (and these are things that can give you more energy in general):
👉Drinking water- lots of it
👉Eating regular meals with enough protein, especially in the morning (think eggs, nut butters, dinner leftovers)
👉Getting light exposure in the morning, even if you’re working from home. Open your window and let that natural light give your body the signal that the day has started.
👉Going out for a walk, preferably in nature and breathe in all that clean air.
👉Trying some energising deep breathing, exhaling for longer than inhaling.
👉Most importantly, be gentle with yourself! Your body is running on empty and you cannot expect it to perform like it would on a normal day. Yes, you might still need to work/tidy up/cook, but having realistic expectations can really help get through the day.


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