Discovery session

Is health coaching right for you? What will you get out of it? Do we click? You want to meet me before you commit, and that’s absolutely normal. The session is free of charge.


A session to meet me, experience coaching and ask questions. Please book directly at here.


30 minutes

Coaching session

One-on-one coaching sessions, for those that want to remain flexible. Sessions take place online.


You want to improve your lifestyle: eat better, sleep better, deal with stress. Or perhaps your doctor has prescribed lifestyle interventions for you. You have no idea where to start! Together we co-create a plan. Optional access to the PQ Program (at an extra cost).


60 minutes

Six-month program

Complementary 6-week PQ Program for mental fitness and eight bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to your needs to help you reach your goals and wellness vision. Sessions take place online.


Includes eight bi-weekly 50-minute sessions, following a 6 week complementary access to the PQ Program. Personalized coaching toward your goals and wellness vision; Exploring your symptoms; Health history and lifestyle review; Follow up email after each session with agreed steps, tips and links to information; Stand-by full support via email or instant messaging in between sessions.


6 months.


265 a month for 6 months = 1590 euros in total

Grief companion

Support through the grieving process (unrelated to health coaching). Grief is not an illness that needs a diagnosis and treatment. It is a normal process that we go through and that takes time. There is no rush to “recover” or return to “normalcy”.

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