On life being a blur

The other day I was talking to a client of mine, a woman in her 50s. We were going through her history, looking at it decade by decade, putting together the pieces of the beautiful puzzle that had been her life until then.

‘My 30s? Oh, I don’t know. They are a blur. You know, because of the kids’. And off she went to the next decade, nonchalantly.

I, on the other hand, was not at all nonchalant. I couldn’t stop thinking how many mums live in a constant state of ‘blur’, and how normal that is considered to be. How if I hadn’t been paying attention and putting an effort to do things differently, I would most probably also still be living my blurry life, waiting until the kids are older so that I could be me again.

It was in her 30s -and me only ten years old- that my mum suddenly passed away. Unfortunately I cannot ask her how she was doing back then but I imagine that she was just as ‘blurry’ as anyone else. The difference is, she never got to experience what life would be like once my brother and I got older and that cloud had lifted (if it ever does..).

That could be you.

Why let a whole decade go by? You too can go from stress and overwhelm to more headspace, peace and joy. You deserve to, and you shouldn’t wait.

The time is now. Book a slot on my calendar and let’s talk about this.



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